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If you are one of the Tech Savvy Business Woman with own Mobile Laptop and a Car you can send us your Bio with some good pics and following details. You can also give your reviews about the brand you are using. 
Review is optional. If you have more then one brand you can add more.  The main motive of this project to motivate other Young Tech Savvy  girls  to follow Your Pathways.

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Victoria James Cherry Success is life Altering

Success is life Altering

 "The idea of being and feeling successful Enriches Lives. People nurture all kinds of dreams and Aspirations into what they love". "The Efforts they put in to achieve results manifest in Fruitful Results". 
This is all about life n it's happening but here She wanna let the people make aware of her real lifestory .... this is Victoria James from Indore,she was born here n lives with her family.. "My mom said its important to have strong determination n firm confidence within Urself"  is a base to success says Victoria.....Victoria shares "I was like an empty glass with no water, Which means a girl with no goal and  there my Mom and Dad helped me to connect within myself to know my internal strength. And then she discovered that she dreamt to be a great model and Fashionable to the Industry... N so she started her career in Modelling from Indore itself,from an Academy.Victoria did her first Ramp B-town fashion show in In…

Passionate and Purposeful International Entrepreneur: Reinaa Shukla

By  Nidhi Jain

Passionate and Purposeful International Entrepreneur: Reinaa Shukla
Decoding Reinaa Shukla is a hell of a task, she's a lady who has changed countries and career without hesitation and has successfully handled most of her projects, what exactly do you make of her ???
When you take a close look at this warm, beautiful person with a great sense of humor; who has achieved a few milestones and yet is very simple and grounded you are utterly amazed. In today's world you are measured on your Instagram 'views' and Facebook 'likes, ' but she has no qualms about just quietly doing her work. Oblivious to all that, she knows where she is going and wants from life, that's what separates her from the rest of her contemporaries, her strength is her simplicity, honesty, empathy and her excellent communication skills she can make friends in a minute. You can't escape that magic !  It is astonishing to know that even with a double Masters degree in Biotechnol…

Daily Habits of the Most Successful Women Leaders in Business

                                                                                                            Blog By : Ms.  Nidhi Jain

Daily Habits of the Most Successful Women Leaders in Business
Productivity Speed Relevancy
1. Consistency : 
There is nothing more destabilizing to a Team that a Women Leaders who is inconsistent. I know I had the luxury of working for one for several years. What was accepted as a good quality one day would be ridiculed as poor quality the next.  This created  doubts in the minds of the Team which then led to delays while Teams  sought Perfection, or caused them to hesitate and make mistakes. Most Successful Women Leaders in Business look to build confidence in their Team's abilities, and  one of the best ways to do this is through Practicing Consistency.

2. Share Credit 
Most Successful Women Leaders in Business set Direction and define that Strategy,  but it's the Teams that deliver the results. Yes, the Leaders were Influential and Instrumental, but …

Priyanka Khandelwal Gupta Best Serial Enterpreneur, zealous Training Consultant in Life Skills,

Priyanka, The Serial Enterpreneur An engineer by qualification, a serial entrepreneur and zealous Training Consultant in Life Skills, Priyanka is committed to  make a positive difference in her students/trainees by empowering them with real life skills. With accumulated work experience of over 12 years in the field of HR, Training & Education in multinational organizations such as Credit Suisse, Wipro Technologies, Affinity Express and Corporate Gurukul within India and Singapore, she is a futuristic educator and her passion lies in teaching kids skills of the future.She has been recognized as one of the WOMEN LEADERS IN INDIA for her contribution in the field of HR & Training by iiglobal in February 2017. She was also awarded for her contribution in the field of education by Unnati (Real Achievers of the Society). PROGRESSIVE EDGE Preschool has been awarded for Cleanliness p; Hygiene by Indo Global Chamber of Commerce in Feb 2017.

Priyanka hails from a small town, Amrav…