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Dr Varsha Jain

Courtesy : MICA

Dr. Varsha Jain is an Associate Professor in Integrated Marketing Communications and the Chair, Dissertation, Co-chair, Research at the MICA (India).  Dr. Varsha has Authored  100 Publications in International, national and Trade Journals, Book chapters and  Case Study Collections, including the Journal of Product and Brand Management, the Journal of Marketing Communication, Healthy Marketing Quarterly, the International Journal of Mobile Marketing, the Journal of Consumer Marketing, Young Consumers, the Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration, Middle East Media Educator, Marketing Insights and Marketing News, marketing management text book 15 / e  [ Philip Kotler, Father of marketing and this text book is bible for marketing management, case contributor, by Invitation]  Ivey case collections and the Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies Collection. She has also won gold medals in the categories of not only, “Outstanding Management Researcher Award – 2016”, “Young…

Nidhi Agarwal, a Woman who Inspires the Youth

Nidhi Agarwal

Nidhi Agarwal, a Woman who Inspires the  Youth of today to think out of the box and dosomething really creative. She is the founder of Kaaryah, a brand of western, non-casual wear for Indian women  which aims in providing the best possible fit with its 18 sizes.
The brand aims to bridge the gap between western formals and the Indian silhouette. She is anMBA student from  Kellogg School of Management, and a certified Chartered Accountant.

Nidhi decided to found Kaaryah back in 2010 when she was working    as a strategy consultant.  The idea of KAARYAH struck her mind when she mistakenly spilled  Coffee on herself on the way to the airport for a client meeting.

That was a struggling moment for Nidhi to replace her shirt with 
a simple white shirt of a right fit at the mall. That experience triggered her to found Kaaryah.
Nidhi Agarwal has made an effort by talking to 113 investors on phone,   in-person and through emails over 365 days for her venture  but she did not give up. She…

Anchor Pooja Ahuja

"Success & excuses do not walk together, If you want excuses forget about Success, if you want Success then forget about excuses"  this is what brilliantly followed by Miss Pooja....
A Multitalented youth Icon ,She is Anchor Pooja Ahuja, She is 24 years old and she is in a profession of Anchoring since 2 years and Pooja is from Mahasamund District, she is residing here in Raipur since 6 years... she has done  her M.Com from Daga Girls College...  In starting she too had a dream to be successful, as everyone....   After  graduation she started   promoting, then an year later she started Choreography as she is  too good in dance as well, later on her friends motivated  her, supported her to become an anchor then she gave an Audition, she got the script from that she made a video & that  video got selected from Delhi's event company and then she got her first event which was on 15 schools & 15 colleges [ a Grooming Session for Girls ] and her first event was too g…

Social Media Marketing Internship

Applications for Social Media Marketing Internship
Please Read very carefully before you Proceed Further.
Dear Fellow Media Professional,

Ref to Your Reply for an Internship for our Start-Up Organisation
We are an Aviation Start-Up by Alfa Bloggers, Asiatic International Aviation Corp and  Managers of different Indian Institute of Management (IIMs). We have aprox 700 new Blogs and App which cater completely to Aviation and Travel Sections.

The purpose of this Alfa Group is for Social Media Entrepreneurs to find support in starting their own Blog / VLog based product lines, and To bring Social Media People together to help create new, innovative products into our Blog based Marketplace.
See our Projects : is a New Start-Up of the  Alfa Group. We are looking for Interns who can think Out of the Box and ready for very Smart Work. We do every  thing in very different ways. We needs Social Media Entrepreneurs to find support in sta…