Dr Srushti Gupta Neema

Dr Srushti Gupta Neema is a very well qualified Dentist by Profession and Writer  by  Choice. Dr Srushti  has been practising as Dentist from past 3 years. Srushti  also owns a Weight Reduction Centre and has also persued  Diploma in Interior Design.

Dr Srushti Gupta Nema  loves to pour her heart out in the form of poetry and thoughts since childhood. Dr Srushti likes writing about Self Improvement, Motivation and Social Taboos. Srushti  a jolly go adventurous person and besides writing also like  to sing,read, sketch and Travel. Down the lane she sees  herself as a Successful and Professional Blogger who can  help and inspire people in every circumstances of their  lives.

Dr Srushti Gupta  BDS


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