Ankita Paliwal Woman Dedicated, Endearing and Exceptionally Talented

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Ankita Paliwal  Woman  Dedicated, Endearing and Exceptionally Talented 

Not every other day we come across people who can inspire us, but as I see more closely, the more inspired I get by seeing all these ambitious women working so hard to get what they want and deserve.

One such woman is Ankita Paliwal who is as ambitious as a person could be.Ankita Paliwal is a woman of inspiration to all of us. She is dedicated, endearing and exceptionally talented. 

In this field of business and e-commerce, it is very hard to pull out some 'me' time and do what you love. But this is not the case with Ankita. She knows how to manage personal and professional life quite well. She is a Person of Dreams, Art and Creativity.

Being in this line of corporate affairs and still manage to do the things which actually gives you happiness needs a Big appreciation. 
Ankita loves to do DIYs and make unique stuff. She is known for her hand made gifts she gives to her friends on their birthdays and I must say they are things to be treasured for a lifetime.
Ankita joined hands with the life of working women in the year 2013 when she was recruited in Clearpath Technologies as a Business Development manager. Later in 2016 she left Clearpath to join IndiaMart Intermesh Ltd. as an Assistant manager.

She is presently working there and enjoying her life at best
She did her graduation from Greater Noida Institute of Technology and there she pursued B-tech in computer science and got her degree in the year 2013.

Talking about her hobbies, well there are a lot of them to discuss. She is a dreamer, and not just that, a day dreamer. She loves thinking about things of faraway places and people and being in that fictional world of hers is her favourite task. She also loves listening to music. 
As I told you before that Ankita is a person of art, she loves making origami. Well not everyone could do that and is blessed with that talent, but Ankita is, and she excels in that. 

Being born in the month of February sure does have a few perks in it. Because every February born I have seen, have a great deal of love towards nature including Ankita (and myself) . She loves admiring nature and find little joys in unfolding the mysterious this world has to offer. Also, she is an adventurer and always seeks a reason to go on trip and be in the cradle of mother earth, away from all the skyscrapers, cars, pollution and population.

Well Ankita I wish that you remain just the way you are, enjoying every bit of life and I wish you all the best for your future plans.

Ankita Paliwal

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