Anuradha Shashi

Anuradha Shashi, a Working Woman who believes in the Art of giving
The bearer of all the charisma this world has to offer. Anuradha Shashi is a woman utterly soft and simple by heart. Born and brought up in Delhi, she is a true Delhite by all means. A woman who is intelligent, compassionate, charming and totally passionate for her dreams  Anuradha lives by simple principles in life and believes in the art of giving. 

Therefore she opted the field of teaching to follow the path paved by her principles. Teaching isn’t just a job for her, it’s her passion for giving something back to the society in some way. 

Anuradha is a teacher in Government Girls Senior Secondary School no. 2, Gandhi Nagar, Delhi.
She started her career as a teacher in the year 2015, and she is rising high everyday by teaching those little kids. She is a graduate from IGNOU in MCA and got her degree in the year 2016.
She of all is a very sweet and simplistic person who loves to make friends and hang out with them. 
Anuradha loves to listen to music, dance her heart out when she is low and travel as much as she can. She loves to see new places and explore their treasures. Knowing more and more about Indian culture is one of her other passions and free time leisure activity. 
And out of all the things that she is, Anuradha believes that whatever role she plays, whether of being a teacher or a student or a business woman, she wishes to play it perfectly. 

It's her Moto to be perfect in all the roles she got to fit-in in her life.  Well Anuradha a person who gives is always a person above anyone else. All the best, and we wish that you achieve everything you wish for.

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