Priyanka Roy: An Adventurous Working Woman this Generation Needed!

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Priyanka Roy, a very energetic, passionate and outspoken woman who is of the mindset that there is nothing in this world that a woman can't do.

Being the elder daughter in her family of four, she has always taken a step forward in taking responsibilities, not spite of duty, but out of her own will and liking. She is not any regular girl you see. She is full of adrenaline and is charmingly spontaneous and is mostly known for her straight forward, simple and always on-going attitude. She believes if you got the right attitude there is no existence of any word as ‘impossible’.
 You will never find her saying no to any kind of adventure activities. Driving is one of her many hobbies and she love to go to long drives sometimes with friends and family and some other times by herself. We asked what else she likes and we were presented with a list of endless things. Priyanka is a person who loves anything and everything her eyes lay upon and there is nothing in the world that she doesn’t like or want to do. Out of her many habits and liking, we got to know that playing guitar and traveling were in her favorites.

She did her B-tech from High Tech Institute of Engineering and Technology and graduated in the year 2013. After that she got placed in the company Clearpath Technology as Team Leader and she worked there for 2 years. She then shifted to Indiamart in the year 2016 and here she is working presently as Relationship manager. She handles a team and it's her team member’s saying that they never got such a team leader before.   

"Priyanka is more of a friend than a team leader to us. We take her as our friend. We never had any difficulty in communicating with her as she is very cooperative and helping. She makes working fun and easy for us.", says one of Priyanka’s team member.
Priyanka has bigger dreams in her life to achieve but when asked her about the same, she simply shied away from it by saying, "Things better get done before we speak of them, or else they just remain things of our desire.”
Well I wish Priyanka all the best for her future and hope that she becomes her own knight in bright and shining armor and achieve greatest of heights.

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