Reanshi Vikram

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When we talk about job and working people, how can we not mention freshers in the field. Freshers are the brightest beings in any office with energy of a horse in them.

One such freshman is Reanshi Vikram.
A new bright pearl in this field of working women who is in the race to become a known personality very soon. 

Reanshi joined Clenchchem Pvt Ltd this June and is working blood and sweat to reach her desired goal. 

Not too long ago she was unclear about her future plans but as they say when it clicks, it clicks. And now she has everything crystal clear in front of her and has a complete plan to pursue and a designated goal to achieve.

Reanshi did her graduation from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of management studies in Mass Communication and Journalism. Being a journalism student one need to be open to all the opportunities they get and that's exactly what Reanshi did.
Reanshi is not just known for her being the new person in this field, but is famous for a lot of other reasons too.
Reanshi is a kind of a person who could make you smile out of nothing. She has that kind of charm and personality that people love her for. She like to help people and is very kind and compassionate.

She doesn't have much of any hobbies, but she sure does love to hang out with her friends.

Likes spending time with her family and loved ones and is happy-go-lucky in simple terms.

Reanshi has a plan for her future which she is very positive about and is planning to make all the pieces fall in the right place. 

Reanshi I wish all the luck for your future and with the kind of hard work I see, you are surely going to achieve more than you comprehend.

Reanshi Vikram

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Freshman, Cleanchem Pvt Ltd. , Maharaja Agrasen institute of management studies, corporate communications.

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