Shubhi Agrawal Best Enterprenuer Women of Asia

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Shubhi Agrawal Best Enterprenuer Women of Asia

We have another inspiring woman Mrs. Shubhi  Agrawal from Gurgaon...I will share her journey from Hotelier to  Entrepreneur,which will again give you a great pathway to lead your life successfully.
She started her career with a five star hotel in Chennai, after taking training there she chose sales and marketing   department and started working with ITC,but this couldn't satisfy her dreams and desire here, because 
her passion to own a business and to start an enterprise was burning inside and after doing job for seven odd years ,  it took  her two years to finally take a bold step to quit her job and pave her way in entrepreneurship.

In 2016 , she registered her   company  “ Fabsouk Pvt. Ltd.” I call it my baby..says Shubhi after knowing that she would have to face challenges and limitations, she gone through market researches and study,she discovered that, her interest for decorating home ,showed the light to enter the home décor industry.With no experience but passionate Shubhi decided to start her home decor business .
The size of décor industry was $664 billion with a growth rate of 4.4%.  Fabsouk deals in customized rugs and carpets, vases,wall arts , premium candles etc focusing completely on home décor  accessories,they shipped their products from South-North and from East-West, and now starting their exports too. From Home  décor, Shubhi's company has started office décor as well.This was not easy as it looks Shubhi faced many challenges like 
finance as she has very limited capital initially,but gradually she managed,then she had biggest challenge to find out the  skilled artisians those who were actually situated at the remote location of the country,  making them understand the concept   imagination and working on low quantity with competitive rates was very hard.

Also making presence online in todays competitive tech savvy world is really difficult, when you don’t have much marketing budget, So she took help of marketplaces to launch her products.

Her Strong belief: "I always knew and believed that I am made for doing business" . She loves the term entrepreneurship,  and it teaches a person to be independent  and take your own decision.At the same time when you know the roads are not  going to be smooth, it would have high-low speed and speed breakers too, but one has to be very passionate.  Instead of  running behind investors or chasing for funding, Shubhi completely focused on product quality, customer satisfaction and  brand building.
Also she was sure to be  away from all kind of negative people or any negative element. she believed in sustainable business  plan, at the same time she was patient and did not believe in overnight success. Shubhi adds, "For any healthy mature baby  birth, the mother has to carry the baby for nine months and go through the labor pain. If baby is immature the chances of  surviving becomes very less. Same way for any business to grow it needs its own time and nourishment, to become healthy fruit bearing tree.

Shubhi is  27 years old born in a small town of Madhya Pradesh known as Shahdol, since her childhood she wanted to be independent and  always used logics and reasoning before following anything and she did not follow neither her family nor her friends instead  she always used her logic before opting anything.
Shubhi hobbies are reading books, which are more on business and entrepreneurial in nature, romantic  and spiritual. She   loves listening gospel music and like watching romantic and comedy movies. She loves travelling , If time permits she would   love to travel the whole world with her husband.
Whenever she is stressed, she opens Bible and read the promise verses," the teachings of Bible and love of Jesus Christ  helps me to take my decisions and to keep my spirit high,  says Shubhi Agrawal.......
Shubhi  aims to take Fabsouk to many countries, Using the Indian touch and talent of  her skilled artisans, handcrafted or craftsmanship will not die due to lack of platform....
Shubhi's dream is.." Fabsouk to 
be the largest online platform for interior décor. she also want to spend a part of company’s  profit for the benefit of artisans of India so that they can survive in this competition.
 Shubhi shares that "my story had been covered by Small and Medium Entrepreneur magazine and that was really a Proud 
moment for me"  ........

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