Anshika Agrawal

                                                                                                                                          By Preeta Roy 

Anshika Agrawal

There are so many motivational people out that I am losing my losing my count. Anshika Agrawal is one of them.

A strong independent woman in her mid 20s who aspires to be the best. Anshika Agrawal is witty and smart with a pinch of pun mixed in all her talks. Talking to her is dammn fun because you will never get bored of her amazing jokes and fabulous sense of humor.
I guess woman of this generation loves adventure from head-to-toe because I have not seen a single working woman who would say she doesn’t like traveling and the adrenaline along with it. Gone are the days when women were afraid of all the crazy, dangerous things out here, women now are known by just one term ‘spontaneous’. And that is what Anshika is. A damn spontaneous woman who loves to go to unplanned trips and do crazy adventure activities.
Anshika lives in Noida along with her friends and one thing that she absolutely despises is being alone. She loves hanging with friends and family and hates it when she has to spend time all by herself. In her dictionary there is no ‘me-time’ instead there is always an ‘us’.  

She got her B-tech degree from IILM Noida and graduated in year 2013. In the same year she got recruited in the company Clearpath Technologies and there she worked as an IT sales Executive for about a year. After that she shifted to IndiaMart Intermesh Ltd. in the year 2015 and she is presently working as a Relationship manager.

Asking about the things she loves or hobbies, she loves dancing and music and. Not thinking of making any of these her profession, Anshika just like to groove along the music beats and loose herself in the sound of it.
I was moved by the goals she has in life. Anshika wishes to work for an old age home someday and that is something really inspiring and motivating.

She dreams to be very successful one day and smile at herself seeing the hard work pay off.

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