Passionate and Purposeful International Entrepreneur: Reinaa Shukla

                                                                                      By  Nidhi Jain  

Passionate and Purposeful International Entrepreneur: Reinaa Shukla

Decoding Reinaa Shukla is a hell of a task, she's a lady who has changed countries and career without hesitation and has successfully handled most of her projects, what exactly do you make of her ???

When you take a close look at this warm, beautiful person with a great sense of humor; who has achieved a few milestones and yet is very simple and grounded you are utterly amazed. In today's world you are measured on your Instagram 'views' and Facebook 'likes, ' but she has no qualms about just quietly doing her work. Oblivious to all that, she knows where she is going and wants from life, that's what separates her from the rest of her contemporaries, her strength is her simplicity, honesty, empathy and her excellent communication skills she can make friends in a minute. You can't escape that magic ! 
It is astonishing to know that even with a double Masters degree in Biotechnology and Public Health she worked as Business development manager and made a non-profitable business turn into a profitable one when asked she modestly passes on credit to her business family genes.
Her story is as interesting as Bollywood movies.
She informs that when she took up the challenge to do her first cultural event in Brisbane, she got threat calls asking her to pull back, but did not succumb, yet again created a history of the first most successful cultural event in Brisbane.

She fondly remembers her first entrepreneurial venture a decade back which was to run a 120-bed Hospital cafeteria while also working as a head dietician, “I was bit scared, but my MD had faith in me together we got a profitable business rolling.  I also got offers from other hospitals gradually, so you see your work speaks for you, you don't need celebrity endorsements or celebrity clients to market, your knowledge your expertise is your weapon to cut through “she says.
Her entrepreneurial journey continued in Australia and then back in India. She started a local magazine for entrepreneurs called 'Smart People.'It was covering local issues and heroes from upcoming metros. She then started a charitable organization working to stop child abuse collaborating with renowned research institute ‘Jnana Prabodini Pune ‘ as their research partner in developing some different scales for this purpose, we wish luck to this social entrepreneur. 
When you ask her about her dietetics degree, and whether it has been utilized as much as it should have been.She says,’ “yes, of course!, I have fulfilled my parents dream they wanted me to be a doctor but I chose to become a food doctor instead, and I have to continue their dream".  In 2007 she started online consultation via her Consultations via Skype. Till date, she feels this to be her best venture and an example of adaptation to changing times.Recently she was awarded the best online dietician award 2016. Today her clients are across cities of the world, and she works from her home, office or anywhere while traveling it has overcome the geographic boundaries. 
Currently, she does corporate workshops, and health seminars in Pune, hmedabad, Delhi, Melbourne and been a guest speaker and lecturer at many health events. She has worked with a lot of prestigious companies and government organizations both in India and Australia corporates like Bajaj Alliance, Gold’s Gym, Inspirations, and Demag Cranes to name a few and have other high profile clients across India and Australia working as dietician and health project consultant. She has 99% success record with her clients, and she takes pride in helping people with endometriosis conceive, thyroid and hormonal imbalances get normal, have reversed borderline diabetes, cancers and CVD’s.

Asking why such drastic change of careers and countries to which she replies, “coz I suffer a unique disease called “familiarity boredom” it eats away into my confidence, I have to challenge my self and keep learning always.”

With so much on her plate, sure she would have been an expert juggler and excellent home maker. Her justification for this one is again simple," I give my 200 percent to any thing I take up whether it's a mother, employee or employer,  I have worked 14 hr/ day for months and then given the same time to my family.  I balance and priorities.

Lastly, as we want to know what is that one thing that an entrepreneur needs she says "
Entrepreneurs need to be diverse in outlook and open minded, focused and passionate for their venture 


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