Vineeta Pandey

                                                                                                                   By Preeta Roy 

Vineeta Pandey

I feel like I'm surrounded with women who inspire me with their passion towards life and work so much that with each passing second I'm becoming just like them: an independent working woman.
Vineeta Pandey is also in the run to becoming a successful woman with a name which is prominent in her field of work.
As long as I have known Vineeta I know the fact that there are very less things which could make her really sad. She is a happy happy person everyone wishes to spend time with.
Vineeta is a chatterbox and I came to know this in conversation with her close friends. She can talk in any hour of the day about any random topic with energy of a bullet. And that's what makes her so special.  

She is adorable and cute and highly goal oriented and passionate towards her work.  Her ability to talk and communicate easily clears her path of many obstacles.
Her communication skills are excellent and that is a major reason of her rising high in her job each day. She is charmer with a damn cute personality and even more enchanting smile.

Vineeta is an engineer be holding a B-tech degree in computer science and graduated from IILM Noida in the year 2013.  She got placed in the company Clearpath Technologies and that's where her journey begun.
She worked there as a Business Development manager for a duration of 2 years and then shifted to IndiaMART Intermesh Ltd. in the year 2016 for the post of Relationship Manager.
Later in 2016 she moved to Bangalore and joined another company because clearly there is nothing that could stop her from working and reaching her goals, neither shift of cities.  

She got recruited in the company HomeFundraising India as a Relationship Manager and she is presently working there.
Vineeta loves to travel or more of aspires to do so but never really got many chances for the same. But she surely is a wanderer and she wishes to walk the world down in real. She like any other girl is a best friend to that shopping bag and credit card. 
And well after wearing such a nice dress who wouldn’t want to take a few selfies! And she loves doing that. Taking selfies is like a part of her being and to tell the fact her pictures are worth it!

Vineeta all the very best for your goals and you are going to reach your dreams soon.

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