Vinita Raj Young, Dynamic Woman Entrepreneur with Solid Life Goals

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Young, Dynamic Woman Entrepreneur with  Solid Life Goals

An Alliance sealed in matrimony nearly 8 years ago between Dynamic Entrepreneur  Ms Vinita Raj and her husband from medical fraternity Dr. A. Rajkumar, is an example of
how accepting one’s spouse with their unique individuality is the real love. Matrimonial  Journey is beautiful in how you take it in good times or bad, in highs or low and in 
distance (if any) or togetherness. It is only you who has to choose how?. This is their  tale in their words.

In the expression of Dr. A. Rajkumar Sr. Assistant Surgeon at Government MedicalCollege, Villupuram, near Chennai “It’s a wrong idea to fight back nature or attempt to alter it actively, Instead accepting a person, particularly your life partner, with their God  given attributes, is a far better idea. 

You would not in any way want to tamper with the
taste of tender coconut water offered to you, would you? Well, the same is true for a  human being too”. 
He would know better, as his better half for nearly eight years Vinita Raj along with their six years old daughter Kaelyn is residing in her native city Indore, building up their
dream project of Linguistic Translation Company engaging over 200 Women Working  from Home. She ensures that their work does not let them loose touch with their familial
responsibilities. In the fond words of Dr Rajkumar all of 37 years, “She’s doing a  fabulous work, a born Entrepreneur she’s a beacon of Dynamism and Energy. She has in her to build things, She brings her positive attitude to any good thought or intention  around her”. Doesn’t this sound like too supporting hubby? 36 years old Vinita Raj chips in quickly, To term it as support would be an Inderstatement

He in all ways gives me strength and power. He only suggested me to become an entrepreneur and helped in
making this idea functional without much ado. I still remember the evening when back from hospital he carried a famous magazine in his hand. The magazine was for
Entrepreneurs and Startups. It had Warren Buffett’s photograph on its cover page. He  gave it in my hand and said, I wanna see my life shining like this covering many
magazines. Trust me, it is more than enough for you to loose your heart on someone and do whatever best you can, to prove his expectations right. God graced and it happened even”, giggles Vinita. It all even though she had refused to go along with him initially.

“She’s doing a fabulous work, a born entrepreneur she’s a beacon of dynamism and  energy. She has in her to build things. She brings her positive attitude to any good
thought or intention around her” – Dr. A. Rajkumar
Retrospection  This romantic tale started in 2008, when Vinita was looking for an aid on a research  paper; she was an academic coordinator with a college in Indore then. Orkut was a major social networking site then, She sought reply for her query online from medical  professionals from psychiatric community. She put in ‘Raj’ (screen name of iconic movie
star Shahrukh Khan, may be as he was in vogue then) in search bar, and like a movie  cene Dr Raj appeared online just at that moment. In her words, “Dr. Raj was very
helpful and answered all my doubts”.  
It was only a professional interaction for her, but couple of days later, he wished her on  her birthday taking down the date from the site (it was listed there), and sought her
address to send her a bouquet, “It was little strange for me and I categorically told him  that although his help was acknowledged but I was uninterested in anything else” says  Vinita. But the besotted Tamil doctor took no heed. “He put forward my number to a city  florist who in no time located my address and sent me a five feet tall bouquet of roses” says Vinita.  
She was infuriated at once. “I along with my brother was brought up single  handedly by my mother in a strict way, as she has separated from our father 37 years
before, All hell would have broke loose that day, had she been present home, for she is a no-nonsense lady but fortunately she was not” narrates Vinita. 

She called up Raj and gave him piece of her mind. He was unrelenting and optimistic.  Soon there developed a bit of communication between the two. “However he was
clearly told that I was uninterested in Romance” says Vinita. On the same note Dr. Raj  told her, that it is the simplicity and positivity of her that he has sensed in her, over the
time they have conversed, and he would always love to maintain it in his life.
Determined and confident to have found his dream girl – self-motivated and scholarly (She’s an MA in Economics, and has worked with IIM too among other things) yet
traditional and focused, Raj one day bolstered to ask her for her hand. Fine move but  the timing went wrong (it was beyond midnight), “I was more furious than ever, I mean, I
was sleeping!”. I told him I would not consider marrying anyone who proposed at that  hour”, she giggles.
It was the period when Vinita’s family was seeking a suitable match for her from a horde  of Punjabi boys of her own community, “A match came but some troubling news about
the match came into light, and everything got cancelled before the engagement itself.

Raj called in some time to wish her for her happy married life. I told him the whole story  and said the wedding has been put off. I was amazed to hear his cry of joy, “how could
anyone be this joyous for someone else’s misery?” says Vinita.
She would soon know why? Very soon Raj undertook a tedious journey from Gudalur, Tamil Nadu where he was employed then in a Government Hospital, to Indore, seeking
a meeting with his high ranking government officer future mother-in- law. “It was funny to  see him pulling out files after files- his certificates and records, to prove his credentials  as anything but fraud, unlike my former suitor” Vinita laughs.

Vinita’s mother approved the match after a bit of enquiry on her own and seeing his  sincerity and earnestness. “His father was a bit apprehensive on the north-south union.
Being simple Tamil people they were unsure of my blending in with their family” tells    Vinita.  

“They are both retired Govt. school teachers and had deeper understanding of people.  As soon as they met my mother their doubts flew in thick air, all they asked was what
arrangements they would need to make for the marriage” recounts Vinita.

The wedding took place at the Ashram of Vinita’s Guruji at Lucknow in September 2009  with everyone’s blessings. “I’d like to point out that my Guruji, who was a perfect blend
of education and spirituality – having retired as a cardiologist stressed upon the fact that  it was of no bearing whether or not the groom was from same community. To him  important was to look at him as an individual and human being.” Says Vinita   
“He is in all ways wind beneath my wings, he suggested me to become an entrepreneur  and helped in making this idea functional” – Vinita The building blocks of marriage
“The adjustments had not been difficult” both Vinita and Raj agreed in unison. “The  formula is to be at peace with yourself and make it sure for your partner too. Initiate with
this approach and everything else would fall in place” says Dr. Raj “I carefully observed  that although she’s determined and focused, her sensitivity make her need the backing
of family. I just make sure I provide it”, he says. Isn’t it an uncommon view for an Indian husband, Vinita replied. “It is the way his parents have brought him up, how many times
you’ll see an Indian mother-in- law defend her daughter-in- law? Mine has done it many a  times”, wonders she. His father went out of the way to learn Hindi in a formal class, to
be able to comfortably converse with his daughter-in- law, “On my first birthday that fell  after marriage he blessed me in Hindi, in very long and elaborate terms. The sheer
effort and the willingness to include me in their lives touched me a lot” chips in Vinita.

These and many other things add up to make you give your full efforts to make your  husband’s family as your own. There are many interesting incidences to quote from
their joyous life e.g Raj took efforts to learn guitar to play the song from the movie DDLJ  on Vinita’s first Birthday post marriage as Vinita had placed him with Raj (Shahrukh
Khan’s character in DDLJ) on their first encounter on Orkut. Vinita has started wearing  Kanjivarams and Raj wears Kurtas and Sherwani to assimilate themselves in each
other’s culture, Although their Lingua Franca is English, they have developed a fair nderstanding of each other’s native language.

Career-wise, sans compromise  Our daughter was born two years into the marriage. Back then at Chennai it was pretty
difficult to juggle between work and home duties. The hustle-bustle of Chennai  intimidated my simple in-laws from Cuddalore. I turned back to Indore for the delivery
then, and to my realization it was much convenient being with my family, for my mother,  my brother and his wife would be a great help, she recounts, “Being always a working  women, I used to take my own decisions and earn my own income, hence leaving work  was out of question. To stop doing so would be like suppressing a fundamental desire,   fortunately Raj understood”.

She was translating newsletters from English to Hindi for an engineering company,  working from home at that period. She moved ahead with the idea, with the support of  Raj. “The realization that many talented and educated women were sitting at home,  made me start the business to make them work from home. Thus was born Word  Dealers Pvt. Ltd. four years ago. It engages about 200 women working from home on  assignment basis. “It’s a win-win situation, women get value for their time, clients get  professional quality translation work at reasonable price and within a set time frame, To  top it all, no one has to leave home, This way we don’t waste talent,” she says.

See our vision at Word Dealers is simple and clear. Let every able lady on this earth be  financially independent, even if she chooses the household course to be the main
course and earning to be the dessert. Let her earn as per her own time and ease, because she is making a house a home. Acme of it is she should be able to earn, if she
can. Through Word Dealers, we try providing work from home opportunities to the  females who are capable and efficient enough to work and earn but are unable to move
out of the house because of any said or unsaid reason, like marriage, in – laws wishes,  pregnancy, injury or post – pregnancy phase.

You have a computer, you have internet and you know a language and we are here  waiting for you. Come, we are here to extend a hand. The statement comes from the
desk of the dynamic lady.

Acquaintances  :

This is not all what she does or had done, she has a long trail of achievements behind  her. She started her professional life with IIM Indore as Academic Coordinator and even  was the first to coordinate International Exchange Programme. She also served Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai later, for couple of year.
She takes time out from her busy schedule at Word Dealers Pvt. Ltd to be a Guest  Ffaculty at several reputed institutes like Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and
Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

She had also been invited as Guest Speaker at several national and international  renowned institutes like IIM Kashipur, Punjab University, Puducherry University,
Ahmadabad Management Association, Madurai Management Association, Coimbatore  Management Association, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Institute of
Company Secretaries of India.etc.

She remains acquainted with prestigious institutions and schools as judge or member  not only in Indore like St. Raphael School, Emerald Heights School, Shriram Centennial School, Vidya Bhavans School, Prestige Institute of Management &  Research but far  wide places like different Chapters of ICAI  and  ICSI, Confederation of Women  Entrepreneurs – Tamil Nadu Chapter, National Entrepreneur Network, UNO, World  Pulse (USA) etc. too, and list goes on. She has attended professional training
programmes at various institutes and places like Narsee Monjee Institute of  Management Studies and Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology Applied Nutrition, Mumbai. To top it all she has recently been placed as a co-secretary of National Human Rights Preservation Foundation Madhya Pradesh chapter at Bhopal.

“In current times, it’s an important step for the economy to move ahead toward  engaging its able-bodied and skilled work force gainfully,” says Raj, “Vinita is engaging
her women superbly and I am proud of it and yes I must say staying away from her and  our six years bundle of joy, is not so easy as I am at Government Medical College  Villupuram, Tamil Nadu for my professional acquaintance, But this is a temporary  arrangement, we will soon be together,” he expresses.

“He is a hands-on and engaging father, All the while assuring to get in touch with  Kaelyn’s school projects and assorted notices on the parents’ WhatsApp groups, he
constantly give me wonderful insights,” quipped Vinita. “During the time we are together  every two months, he installs a new educational app in my phone and asks me to make  sure Kaelyn learns the concepts. Kaelyn is daddy’s darling, despite being so far away  from him.” Raj takes part in her Birthday parties with full throttle and makes wonderful
decorations. “He totally dotes on her”, says Vinita. 

“Husbands change; he used to be  bustling like a child, but the day he heard that I was expecting, he became much more  responsible, almost overnight. I cherish his ability to be adaptable to the requirements of  the time.”

High praise indeed and Raj shares the sentiments. “She gives her full effort to whatever  she does, being a wife, mother or as an employer. She even managed to fit her L.L.B.  degree among other scheme of things with her smart time management, and to the best  of all, she even topped the exam in one of the semesters” he says.

“Without his trust, support and faith, all this could not be possible. Among mounting  pressure of my growing business, he uploads my achievements and awards on social  media and advices me on expanding. I am blessed in every way, as I work towards   uilding on our dreams.”


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