Victoria James Cherry Success is life Altering

Success is life Altering

 "The idea of being and feeling successful Enriches Lives. People nurture all kinds of dreams and Aspirations into what they love". "The Efforts they put in to achieve results manifest in Fruitful Results". 

This is all about life n it's happening but here She wanna let the people make aware of her real life story .... this is Victoria James from Indore,she was born here n lives with her family.. "My mom said its important to have strong determination n firm confidence within Urself"  is a base to success says Victoria.....Victoria shares "I was like an empty glass with no water, Which means a girl with no goal and  there my Mom and Dad helped me to connect within myself to know my internal strength. And then she discovered that she dreamt to be a great model and Fashionable to the Industry... N so she started her career in Modelling from Indore itself,from an Academy.Victoria did her first Ramp B-town fashion show in Indore and then she  started getting shows n big events. And today she is  working as a Professional Model with good Name and gives her Best to achieve Success. 

Her parents were little Doubtful about Modelling career ...but now they are quite sure about h performances... N she Made them really Proud.. 
she completed her Education and Schooling from St Joseph school, Indore.. When Victoria was a School Girl she was not prepared for any career to lead her life gracefully but when she got admission in college she got  
mature enough to know things better and how to make them easy.

Her family dreamt that she should be a good Nurse to serve the people and nation..... As it's said.. "Give ur best and you will get back the best " .... 

Keeping this thought in my mind... she moved onn... Being with her busy schedule she used to give her duty to the Hospital as a Nurse..... 

N along with this humbleness she want to become Great model...and  a Nurse too.... Beauty with Ultimate Brain.
Name - Victoria James ( Cherry ) Education - B Sc Medical nursing student n model too Organization - Designation - Email - Facebook - CherryJames

Name - Victoria James (cherry) Education - bsc Medical nursing student n model too Organization - Designation - Email - Facebook - cherry James


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