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Looking for Female Co-Founders Between Age Group 21Years to 35 Yer Online StartUp's

We Are Looking for  Female Co-Founders  Between Age Group 21Years to 35 Years for the different Online StartUp's 

a) Alfa Bizz Corp
b) Fintech Start up
c) Cab Services.
d) Flying Crews
e) AirAviator.
And many More ...
Anyone interested to  Become an Enterpreneur  with our Start up's, kindly inbox me.
Nidhi Jain  [ M Sc Comp] General Manager Operations +91 989 311 8503
Finally it's time to expand our operations and now we are looking for a person, Co Founders and CMO who can handle the pressure along with the obvious benefits

Who are we?
We are a Group of many Tech Start-ups from #Indore and #Bhopal with 60+ strong team members without a Single Office All Work From Home Concept. That too without funding, i.e we bootstrapped it completely!

What we expect from  Co Founders ?
A Co Founders who can provide Sound Technical Leadership in all aspects of our Business. You …